Fin-tech Banking Company, AIS and Vantage Spaces

“A truly collaborative and engaging experience.“

In a recent uplift of their 84,000 sq. ft London Office, this tech-focused confidential online banking provider wanted an innovative workspace that reflected their core business values.

With the need for varying working preferences, the goal was to design and build a space that values transparency, diversity and progression while championing community amongst a diverse staff.

Client: Fin-tech Banking Company
Designer: AIS
Our Services: Living Office Plants, Plant Troughs and biophilia consultation.

The Task

AIS and the client wanted an open-plan space that created a welcoming atmosphere, filled with creativity, productivity, and ingenuity. There was a business need for multiple different work settings with pockets for collaborative working that celebrated staff diversity and innovation.

AIS approached Vantage Spaces to collaborate on the project together, so collectively we could create an atmosphere that would not only impresses clients and visitors but also promotes performance in staff.

The Results

AIS’s skilful design saw a central kitchen that allowed staff to get to know their surrounding teams; encouraging socialisation and building office relationships. Vantage Spaces provided a variety of Living Office Plants for bespoke central displays, using air-purifying biophilia and succulents to remove chemicals and absorb excess carbon dioxide for increased wellbeing.

To support the need for pockets of collaborative space, AIS and Vantage Spaces worked together to build natural dividers filled with plants, to create discrete meeting spaces without taking from the open-plan design.

The new workplace has been named a “truly collaborative and engaging experience.

Why use Vantage Spaces for your office?

Vantage Spaces believe that connecting with nature through flowers, plants and green walls can make your workplace a truly great place to be. A great place where you and your customers can do business, and where your employees can thrive in their careers. 

Our Living Office Plants have a number of benefits, from reducing absenteeism to damping and dispersing office noise. We work with our clients and their interior design associates to provide the right plants for the space. Plus we use sustainable planting so you can build your dream workspace safe in the knowledge that you aren’t increasing your carbon footprint. Basically, we’re not your average supplier of plants! 

If you want to discuss your biophilic design project, or simply enquire about our large selection of office plants and biophilia, feel free to get in touch today!