Vantage Spaces partner with interior design firm, Thirdway Interiors, to provide biophilia for Formula-E offices

Formula-E is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular racing series. Having acquired further space in their existing building, Formula-E required a complete refurbishment of the existing and new space. However, their employees would continue to occupy the building whilst the refurb was carried out. 

The racing company had a desire to create an office that was social, reflected their passion for racing, and upheld their commitment to sustainability. 

Client: Formula-E
Our Services: Freestanding plants, planters and moss surrounds, Biophilia Consultation
Design Agency: Thirdway Interiors

The Task

Formula-E approached Thirdway Interiors and Vantage Spaces to work on their refurbishment and design project. Thirdway created multiple touchdown spots, phone booths, small meeting areas and relaxed working zones in the office soace, allowing employees to choose appropriate workspaces according to the task.  

As a result, they wanted to include biophilia to the spaces to reflect the environments. That’s where Vantage Spaces came in to help… 

The Results

Free standing plants, planters and moss surrounds were placed throughout the Formula-E building’s multiple wings. 

The greenery supplied added a dash of colour the new space; most of the office’s colour scheme is monochrome to ensure that the brand elements stand out. The plants in these areas help to create a calming environment for staff, as well as absorbing toxins from the air. 

Vantage Spaces helped to create a relaxing and productive working environment for Formula-E’s employees which is loved by all who visit.  

Why Vantage Spaces?

We aren’t just a supplier of plants. Vantage Spaces work with our clients to plan, source and provide the right plants for their space, ensuring they get the benefits of biophilia, as well as fitting them within the aesthetics of the environment. 

Our team of qualified technicians are always on hand to help source or maintain any plant needed, delivering a consistently great experience for our clients every time. If you want to discuss your biophilic design project, or simply enquire about our large selection of plants, feel free to get in touch today!