G2 Travel partner with Vantage Spaces to add a touch of green to their London offices

G2 Travel Interior Office Plants

G2 Travel is a leading wholesale tour operator, who specialise in group trips for the business-to-business travel industry. Working across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, their main base of operations is in London.

G2 recently moved location to a new-build complex that consisted of seven individual shell units, where they hoped to create a flexible workspace for their employees.

Client: G2 Travel
Our Services: Freestanding & Integrated Greenery, Moss Walls, Biophilia Consultation
Design Agency: Thirdway Interiors

The Challenge

The biggest challenge that G2 faced with their new space was to combine all seven units into one. The shell and core aspect of the building, however, had its perks. The lead design team, Thirdway Interiors, had the opportunity to design every single aspect of the space, making it truly bespoke to G2 Travel’s needs.

Thirdway Interiors approached Vantage Spaces to collaborate on the project together so that they could create a wow-factor feel which maximised both space and impact.

The Result

Free standing plants, planters and green surrounds were placed throughout the incredible mezzanine entrance, meeting rooms, and open plan areas. Vantage Spaces also installed a living moss wall in the employee breakout rooms to give it that extra bit of wow factor.

Using biophilia helped G2’s workspace to look great, as well as benefitting their employees by improving air quality and acoustics, simulating creativity and productivity, and reducing absenteeism and stress. Together, Thirdway Interiors and Vantage Spaces helped to create a relaxing and welcoming environment for G2 Travel that is loved by employees, customers and visitors alike.

G2 Travel Interior Office Plants

Why Vantage Spaces?

Connecting with nature through flowers, plants and green walls can make your workplace a truly great place. A great place where you and your customers can do business. A great place where your people can thrive.

Vantage Spaces aren’t just a supplier of plants. We work with our clients to plan, source and provide the right plants for their space, ensuring they get the benefits of biophilia, as well as fitting them within the aesthetics of the environment.

Our team of qualified technicians are always on hand to help you maintain any plant, so you can deliver a consistently great experience every single day. If you want to discuss your project requirements, or simply enquire about our selection of plants, feel free to get in touch today!