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EnviroWall - Our Office Green Walls

EnviroWall was created in response to our innate emotional connection to nature. And whilst plants are the 2nd most desired element in an office, all too often they are overlooked.

EnviroWall makes incorporating greenery into any commercial interior incredibly simple, with a range of living, replica, and moss wall planting systems.

Office green walls create lush interior landscapes that are completely custom-designed, whether you’re looking for interesting shapes, vibrant colours or decorative styles.

For architects and designers looking for the coveted WELL certification, green walls offer an incredibly simple method of integrating greenery within working spaces, using minimal floor space.

Creating Simply Better Spaces

Living plant EnviroWall’s

The ultimate centrepiece, living plant walls, often referred to as vertical gardens, transform bland walls into a stimulating eco-friendly display. Not only do living plant walls improve air purity, but they’re also proven to improve productivity and increase creativity in employees. 

All of our living plant walls are designed by a team that has over 10 years of biophilic experience, so you can be assured that your interior environment is set to take on a new life when working with us.

Preserved moss EnviroWall’s

The hottest trend in biophilic design, preserved moss walls offer texture and depth in previously uninspired spaces. Custom colours, depths and layouts are all entirely possible thanks to our bespoke design service, which adds varying styles of moss (bun or flat) to a unique structure.

Plus, our moss walls use a method of organic preservation, requiring zero maintenance, leaving guests and staff in awe for years to come. 

More Info

Why EnviroWall?

We understand that first impressions are important. Our office plant walls provide an unforgettable, natural experience in an otherwise concrete-dominant world. 

Green walls are not just living plants, but art, which is crafted to each unique workspace, such as office spaces, receptions and breakout areas. 

At Vantage Spaces, we have a specialist design team on hand to help maximise your office spaces and choose the right plants to best suit your interior, whether you choose to have freestanding green walls as room dividers or across a wall as a centrepiece in your office, we’ll help you every step of the way. 

Plus, our maintenance team will install your office green walls and provide regular maintenance checks to ensure your green walls remain as healthy and vibrant as when they were first installed.

Why choose an EnviroWall for your office?

Not only are they inspiring in their appearance they help revitalise your space and you. Literally.


Improve air quality in your offices 

Can reduce energy consumption

Office Plants

Reduces ambient noise by 41% 

Office Plants increase productivity and cognition

Increases concentration and creativity by 15%

Office Plants decrease absenteeism

Healthy indoor climate

Office plants improve wellbeing

Improves wellbeing

Our process

Design and consultation 

Whether you’re working on a new or existing space, our specialist design team can provide you with the help you need for when you decide to introduce greenery into your work environment by helping you create an eye-catching and luxurious green wall. 

Our team take the time to help you understand how greenery can effectively improve your working environment, whilst also providing a detailed insight into how the process works, helping you from a decorative and functional perspective in order to create your perfect green wall. 

Created at our Leeds HQ 

Our team is UK-based with a factory space span of 10,000ft2  meaning we have the capacity to house a huge variety of plants, as well as being able to make custom arrangements with fast turnaround times.

Ongoing care and maintenance 

Once your green walls have been installed, our maintenance and care team are available for regular check-ups to ensure your green walls are in the same immaculate condition that they were in when installed. It can be a very difficult and time-consuming task for office staff which is why we offer our ongoing care team to make sure your plants are complying to your standards so that you don’t have to. 

Green wall trends

Green Plant Ceilings

Green ceilings

Green walls aren’t always just for your office walls, look at this luxurious ceiling, an innovative new way to display greenery in your meeting rooms, without taking up floor space. 


Displaying your logo on top of your green wall has been the go-to display trend for some of the largest companies, creating an instant statement for visitors and staff alike.


Here, instead of a full green wall, this office has instead used climbers to display the different types of textures and plants that can be used in any green wall though creating a natural and clean look to create visual stimulation for staff and visitors.