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Moss walls

What are Moss walls?

Also known as ‘green walls’ they are purely constructed from clusters of moss that are installed onto your office walls. Unlike living walls which are made up of leaves and flowers, moss walls are flowerless plants that often thrive in damp and unlit locations, making it the perfect option for a windowless office.

Why choose moss walls for your office?

Unlike living plants, moss is very versatile and practical, meaning they require little to no maintenance at all, therefore, are ideal for the busier office environments who want to introduce greenery into the office without the chore of maintaining it.

Moss walls are a great addition to any modern workspace, allowing you to give the illusion of greenery growing out, from your walls, creating an eye-catching visual for visitors that saves valuable floor space.

Benefits of moss walls:

Not only do moss walls provide the same great health benefits as living walls they present great visual and environmental factors that improve productivity and happiness in the workplace as well as upgrading your offices aesthetic.

The benefits of a moss wall:

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Types of moss:

Bun moss

Flat moss

Reindeer moss

Combined, these mosses can create an interesting design effect to enhance your existing aesthetic with reindeer moss available to be dyed and coloured to however you choose. Whether your aim is to include dimension, added greenery or even colour to your office walls then moss walls are the ideal fit for your workspace. 

Applications of moss walls 

Moss walls don’t just stop at wall panels, in fact, due to their versatile properties, they can be designed into logos, lettering and even shapes to give your office a fresh and unique style.

Cover an entire wall surface 

A great alternative to living walls, moss walls are designed to act as a feature wall to improve your office design whilst also creating dimension and texture to your otherwise plain office walls. 

Add moss walls to your reception area, meeting rooms or even bathrooms! There is no limit to where moss walls can be installed.


Act as framed moss pictures

Moss doesn’t have to be a feature wall but can be created and designed into a small frame to add dimension to your office walls as if moss is growing out of them!



A go-to for designers and a popular idea among businesses, using moss to enhance your companies logo will automatically create the wow factor for visitors when they walk into your offices. 

Using moss as the backdrop for your businesses logo or even as the logo not only invites greenery into your office space but innovative design due to moss’ versatile properties, something you couldn’t accomplish with regular plants.


How we can help

Our moss walls are specifically designed for each clients individual needs, whilst offering great customisation options to help create your indoor decorative piece or your bespoke design project. Our team will help guide you through the process whilst helping you decide on the perfect design for your office space. 

Once we have helped you create your indoor decorative display, our team at Vantage Spaces will install your design on-site at a time that suits you, making the process easy and simple.