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Living plant green walls

Living green walls are becoming increasingly popular in workspaces, with architects and designers recognising the benefits that biophilia can bring to office spaces.

Ideal for designers looking for a way to effectively use wall space, the bespoke nature of living walls results in a creative application of greenery that will improve air quality, productivity and overall wellbeing.

Living plant walls

Living plant walls use a huge range of greenery, including both succulents and flowers that grow vertically within a wall system that’s designed with hidden pipes to handle hydration.

Whether you want to improve the look and feel of your work environment or you just have limited space, using green walls for your offices can help improve air quality, productivity and wellbeing, whilst also generating a wow factor for visitors and workers.

Plus, as our plant walls are made completely custom to your requirements, our design team will work with you to select the plants that best suit your environment, from both a functional and creative perspective, incorporating complementary colours that enhance your space. 

  • Choose from either living or artificial plants
  • Air-purifying qualities 
  • Made to bespoke sizes

Whether you decide you want to use an artificial plant wall to reduce the hassle of maintaining it or a living green wall to help improve air quality in your office, here at Vantage spaces we tailor to your needs and create the perfect plant wall to best suit your office and those working in it.

Benefits of living plant walls

Improved air quality 

Plants use photosynthesis to replenish the air by emitting oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, which not only purifies our air but removes any toxins. 

Due to green walls being of a larger scale than office plants, this will only be maximised in the benefits it can bring to your workspaces which includes enhancing employee productivity, wellness and energy levels.

Energy cost reduction 

A process known as ‘evapotranspiration’ means that green walls have the ability to cool temperatures in office spaces during the warmer, summer months whilst providing insulation for the colder winter months, saving you money on heating and air conditioning. 

Reduces noise levels 

It can be hard to concentrate in a loud office environment but with living walls, they can naturally block high-frequency sounds by reflecting and refracting sound. Green walls also absorb acoustic energy which means lower noise levels in the workplace. 


Improves wellbeing 

Implementing greenery into your office is known to help improve wellbeing and increase workers happiness meaning they will be more stress-free and therefore more motivated in the work environment.

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Why Green walls?

We understand that first impressions are important. Our office plant walls provide an unforgettable, natural experience in an otherwise concrete-dominant world. 

Green walls are not just living plants, but art, which is crafted to each unique workspace, such as office spaces, receptions and breakout areas. 

At Vantage Spaces, we have a specialist design team on hand to help maximise your office spaces and choose the right plants to best suit your interior, whether you choose to have freestanding green walls as room dividers or across a wall as a centrepiece in your office, we’ll help you every step of the way. 

Plus, our maintenance team will install your office green walls and provide regular maintenance checks to ensure your green walls remain as healthy and vibrant as when they were first installed.

WELL Certification

For designers and architects looking to create a space that achieves WELL Certification, plant walls offer a great solution to meet these requirements (after all, you only need to cover 1% of your space with greenery to comply). 

Installed on large spans of wall space, living walls offer the same level of air purification as potted office plants and also contribute towards the ‘Mind’ element of WELL certification. 

Implementing green walls into your workspaces is a sure-fire way to enhance your space’s visual appeal and create a happier and healthier environment that improves alertness and energy levels amongst employees.