Our plants

Yes its true, research shows that workspace plants really do benefit your people by improving air quality and acoustics, stimulating creativity and productivity and reducing absenteeism and stress.

We really understand interior planting and landscaping. From 1977 we’ve installed and maintained thousands of real and replica plants for clients. Right now our team looks after more than 4,000 living and replica plants every month for our clients.

Our plant specialists are on hand to help you chose the best plants and landscaping for your space.

We take time to understand the look you want to achieve and the environmental factors at play. You can use plants as screening or to create focal points within your space. You can chose from a vast range of plants and pots. You can have fresh floral arrangements delivered every week.

Whatever your needs are we have the specialist teams on hand to help. We really care about creating beautiful, welcoming workspaces. So pick up the phone and speak to one of our people. We’re here to help.

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