Para Vert

PARA VERT. A screen. A room divider. A separator into working zones. A green therapist. Yes, all of those things. And always as a new product concept in which nature can reclaim the room. Lush and individually planted. As a green therapist in an age of new working environments, it can be used to plant new ideas easily.

PARA VERT is perfect in modern working environments as a free-standing room divider and for room-height zoning.

The product is a transparent spatial filter that incorporates vertical planting into a room divider. It consists of a modular structure that can be expanded as required and can be both a free-standing room divider or create room-height zoning.

A huge range of configurations

PARA VERT comprises two modules:

Vertical, curved metal poles are joined together by large cylindrical planters creating a floral three-dimensional structure.

The modules can be bolted together in angled positions to form free-standing physical combinations.

The modular structure is therefore ideal for creating a free-standing room divider and for room-height zoning.

Plantable partition

The new product concept in which nature reclaims the room.

A screen. A room divider. A separator into working zones. Yes, all of those things. The PARA VERT is the new product concept that makes it easy to incorporate lush foliage and can be installed flexibly anywhere. As a green therapist that has a physical effect as well as emotional and even health-related impacts.

After all, in addition to providing healthier air, it also creates a completely different climate within the workplace: The sense of well-being and satisfaction of employees that has been shown to result from the daily interaction between people and plants.

The PARA VERT. Planting new ideas.

Improving the environment & employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction encourages loyalty to the company and is therefore a strategic factor.

The interaction of people and plants increases wellbeing and has been shown to be a motivating factor.

Emotional factors are not the only thing to create a good working atmosphere, air quality and temperature can also have a huge impact. PARA VERT measurably
contributes towards these factors in a completely natural way.

Fancy cultivating a PARA VERT in your workplace?

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