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Replica green walls

Our replica green walls are made for workspaces and environments that want the benefits of biophilia and greenery in their office, without regular maintenance.

Our replica green walls are made to the highest standards, with some of the UK’s largest businesses choosing us to design and manufacture their own bespoke solutions for the workplace.

With all of our products being made in-house at our Leeds HQ, you can be assured that we’re the ideal supplier for both cost-effectiveness and fast turnaround times, but also our heritage when it comes to greenery gives you or your client the confidence that their replica green wall will look incredible.

Why choose artificial green walls for your offices?

Less care and maintenance

No need to water, replace the soil, add fertiliser or replace the plant pots – the dream scenario for many offices. Now, they will need to be dusted now and again so they’re not completely maintenance-free(!), but they’re sure to last a long period of time.

Suitable for any environment

An important consideration for many workplaces is how suitable plants are for their environment. With replica plants, there’s no need to consider lighting or temperature, giving you the ultimate in flexibility.

No exposure to poisons or pollen 

The soil in plants can sometimes attract insects and lead to unwanted plant diseases. With replica plants, this won’t be the case due to them being hypoallergenic. Plus, 12 million people in the UK are allergic to pollen; therefore replica plants will eliminate the risk of allergic reactions in your workspaces in the summer. 

Improved productivity and creativity 

Although artificial plants can’t filter the air like living plants, the psychology behind biophilia and the connection that people have towards nature still applies to replica plants, as studies have shown that looking at plants, flowers and foliage improves mood, wellness, productivity and reduces stress levels.

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Some of our replica green walls

English Garden Green Wall

Juniper UV Green Wall

Bespoke Artificial Green Walls

Our process

Design and consultation 

Whether you’re working on a new or existing space, our specialist design team can provide you with the help you need for when you decide to introduce greenery into your work environment by helping you create an eye-catching and luxurious green wall. 

Our team take the time to help you understand how greenery can effectively improve your working environment, whilst also providing a detailed insight into how the process works, helping you from a decorative and functional perspective in order to create your perfect green wall. 

Created at our Leeds HQ 

Our team is UK-based with a factory space span of 10,000ft2  meaning we have the capacity to house a huge variety of plants, as well as being able to make custom arrangements with fast turnaround times.