AddLiving + Fika Interiors + Vantage Spaces – Live, Work, Relax in your very own Jungle

AddLiving and Vantage Spaces Living Potted Plants

Client: AddLiving
Designer:  Fika Interiors
Our Services: Bespoke Preserved Moss Wall and replica potted plants

Back in May 2021, Vantage Spaces worked with AddLiving to rejuvenate their co-working space with our beautiful biophilia. AddLiving wanted an environment where their residents felt comfortable, productive, and could live, work, and relax. A low-maintenance design was required to cater for the new “world of work”; find out how we did it.

The Task

When AddLiving‘s residents requested a co-working space, they didn’t want just to add a few desks to a room. They wanted to transform the area into a vibrant, atmospheric co-working workplace.

With the change in working patterns set to continue for the foreseeable future, AddLiving heeded the requests of its residents and set about refurbishing the residents’ lounge at its PRS scheme, Headingley Park, Leeds.

AddLiving wanted a space that their young professional residents could live, work and relax in, catering for the new “world of work”.

How did AddLiving and Vantage Spaces rejuvenate the residents’ lounge?

Alongside 12 workstations, super-fast broadband, and that much-needed coffee machine, AddLiving worked with Vantage Spaces to fill their co-working space with our beautiful biophilia.

Vantage Spaces recognised the importance of creating a productive and creative atmosphere where residents could collaborate or work peacefully with minimal hassle.

The Vantage Spaces team decided to fill the space with replica plotted plants and a magnificent moss wall for a dramatic impact.

By installing our replica potted plantsAddLiving now has low maintenance, long-lasting, and hassle-free biophilia to brighten up their lounge.

Plus, with our moss walls matching their wallpaper, they have an eye-catching visual with little to no maintenance.

Simply better with Vantage Spaces.

We’ve loved working on our latest project – it is so exciting to see companies start to prepare for the future. It almost feels like the end is in sight.


Do you like what you see? 

Vantage Spaces offer the very best real and replica plants for any space. We are proud of our bespoke design and installations and are happy to talk to you about the best solutions for you.

We will work with your interior designers to help you make a statement. And once installed, we can maintain all biophilia to keep your plants looking as green as the first day we installed them.