TTSP, BW:Workplace Experts & SAP – Moss turns a corner in the office

TTSP & BW: Workplace Experts recently teamed up with SAP, who are known across the globe for providing innovative software and technology that’s crucial to running a business.

What’s even more crucial, is making sure their staff are working in an environment that they love, and feel able to produce their best work in.

A key part of that is biophilia. Our natural connection to nature has been proven to increase productivity, creativity, and wellness. Bearing that in mind, we were given the challenge of creating an incredible ‘green’ welcome to the office.

Client: SAP
Designers & Architects: TTSP
: BW:Workplace Experts
Our Services
: Bespoke preserved Moss Wall

We work on some incredible projects, with our team applying their creative expertise to wow us every time we’re set a challenge.

This moss wall however, is a little bit special, because our good friends at TTSP designed it to wrap around a wall.

That might not seem like the biggest of challenges, but it gave our team the chance to showcase their problem-solving, and wow – did they deliver!

Our team creating the moss wall entirely on-site, which not only meant it was ideal for our clients, but also meant we could work alongside other installation teams involved in the project to ensure an incredible end-result.

We’re sure you’ll agree, this isn’t something you come across every day, and the effect is stunning.

We can’t wait to see the office full of staff enjoying their new green surroundings!

Why choose Vantage?

Vantage Spaces believe that the simplest things can make a real difference. Connecting with nature through flowers, plants and green walls can make your workplace a truly great place. A great place where you and your customers can do business. A great place where your people can thrive.

Our team of qualified technicians are always on hand to help you maintain any plant, so you can deliver a consistently great experience every single day. If you want to discuss your project requirements, or simply enquire about our selection of plants, feel free to get in touch today!