Case Study: True Potential LLP

True Potential LLP

Ward Robinson Interior Design redesigned the Newcastle Headquarters of True Potential LLP. Vantage Spaces works alongside creating a ‘home away from home’ environment through Living Green and Preserved Moss Walls.


Around Easter in 2021, True Potential LLP hired Ward Robinson to redesign their Newcastle Headquarters. The redesign accommodates organisational growth whilst reducing headcount and allowing for a more generous working environment.

The new workspace is an agile, collaborative, and open place. Plus, have suitable spaces for shop style expo for events and training. It was important for True Potential to create a ‘home away from home’ for their staff. While also incorporating the need for hot-desking and alternative working styles.

Vantage Spaces worked with Ward Robinson to create a large Living Green Wall and complementary Preserved Moss Walls creating the required homely feel. Incorporating the beauty and benefits of biophilia in this stunning new headquarters.


We offer a completely bespoke biophilic design service, working with you and your designers to create a relaxing and welcoming environment.

We provide specialists advice to help you choose the best plants to suit your space.

We have an ample supply of gorgeous biophilia we can install, with the capacity to build custom designs and with a fast turnaround.

We take the stress of managing your plants by providing an ongoing maintenance service with our biophilia specialists.


Vantage Spaces believe that the simplest things can make a real difference. Connecting with nature through flowers, plants and green walls can make your space a truly great place to collaborate, learn and thrive.

We aren’t just a supplier of plants. We work with our clients and their designers to plan, source, and provide the right plants for their space. We ensure they get the benefits of biophilia and our plants fit within the aesthetics and requirements of the project.

If you want to discuss your project requirements or simply enquire about our selection of plants, feel free to get in touch today!