ELB Design + Cranfield University – Bringing productivity and creativity to the staff and students of Cranfield University

Last month, Vantage Spaces worked with Commercial Interior Designer Emma Bannister at ELB Design to install a range of biophilia at Cranfield University. Knowing the impact Living Plants have on creativity and productivity, we filled the campus with air-purifying living plants, preserved moss walls, and living green wall panels.

Client: Cranfield University
Our Services: Living Potted Plants, Plant Dividers, Preserved Moss Walls, Living Green Walls, and Biophilia Consultation
Design Agency: ELB Design

The Task

Cranfield University hosts world-class expertise, large-scale facilities, and unrivalled industry partnerships that create global leaders in technology and management. They pride themselves on being impactful, influential and having an international reach.

Alongside their game-changing research and development, Cranfield University aims to provide a sustainable environment in which students can live and work.  ELB Design knew the huge benefits biophilia has to an atmosphere, so they asked Vantage Spaces to flourish their designs with air-purifying plants, preserved moss walls and living green wall panels.

The Result

We understood the brief; fill the university with air-purifying biophilia. The team set to work with Emma to implement plants across the campus without getting in the way of the hard-working students and busy staff.

We wanted to install something a bit different alongside our dotted potted plants, adding biophilia to dividers and walls to match the bright, creative environment. We used plant troughs filled with specially chosen air-purifying plants – all known for their durable yet thriving nature – to add open-plan dividers.

One of our favourite ELB Design’ sketch elements was the stunning art installation with our preserved moss and living green wall panels. This allows the team to be a bit creative with the Green Walls, something we all love having the opportunity to do.

Living Plants and Green Walls with Vantage Spaces

With plants providing an increase of 15% productivity and a 26% boost in cognition, we knew choosing our living green plants over our replicas was the right choice for Cranfield University.

We were thrilled to be part of this project, knowing the impact our biophilia will have on the next leaders in technology and management globally.

Here at Vantage Spaces, we believe that the simplest things can make a real difference, and we know the impact our biophilia can have in creating simply better spaces.

Connecting with nature through flowers, plants and green walls can make your environment a truly great place. Our team of qualified technicians are always on hand to help you maintain any plant so that you can deliver a consistently great experience every single day.

If you want to discuss your project requirements or simply enquire about our selection of plants, feel free to get in touch today!