Echospace & Impact Working – welcoming a new era of office space

“The pandemic has accelerated the office market into a new era. An era of hybrid working where flexibility, financial transparency and technology take the lead. These are the core pillars which construct the Impact Working brand. Upheld by our core values as a company, our Bristol space will offer an environmentally friendly solution designed with the occupier in mind, boosting social cohesion and creative productivity amongst freelancers and teams alike.”

Ahead of the launch of Impact Working, a new coworking space designed by Echospace, Robert Whitton, Founder and Chairman of Impact Capital Group, shared the sentiments above.

And we’re incredibly proud to have been involved in the creation of such an inspiring space – which we’re sure you’ll agree, is entirely suited to the ‘new era’ of office interiors.

Client: Impact Working
Designer: Echospace
Our Services
: Bespoke replica tree, preserved green walls & replica green ceilings

Increased creativity and social cohesion are two of the most significant benefits of biophilia, which made our partnership with Echospace all the more integral to the success of this space.

In fact, to make the biggest ‘impact’ in this space, we created an entirely new green wall, that integrates preserved bun & flat moss, alongside preserved foliage to give incredible depth to wall displays.

And we have to say – the neon sign mounted onto this wall looks amazing.

But of course, the benefits of biophilia aren’t confined to one single space.

Greenery was added throughout Impact Working’s offices, cleverly integrated into seating areas, trailing plants used above meeting areas and desks, with finishing touches appearing around the entire space.

The Results

Perfectly summarising the space, Mark Gregson, CEO of Impact Working, said:

“With a focus on social cohesion, mental wellbeing and sustainability, the core values of the Impact Group are very close to my own and those values will be instilled into every new building that we launch.

I firmly believe that the quality of experience and versatility of flexible offices are such, that in the not-too-distant future, conventional leases will start to become a thing of the past.”

We’re delighted to have been a part of this installation, and can’t wait to see the space bustling with activity.

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