Vantage Spaces installs a three-story moss wall for an investment firm working with Overbury and MakeByDesign.

In May 2021, we had the exciting task of installing a three-story mixed moss wall for a real estate private equity investment firm alongside AWW, Overbury, and MakeByDesign. It was an impressive job that left a lasting impression – after all, it’s not every day that Team Green gets to use a cherry picker!

Client: Real estate private equity investment firm
Our Services: Mixed Moss Walls and biophilic consultation
Architects: AWW
Designer: Overbury
Joinery: MakeByDesign

The Task

Being an independent real estate private equity investment firm, the client required an entrance that needed no introduction. An entrance that would never be forgotten.

We designed and built a bespoke moss wall considering the height and potential ongoing maintenance requirements. (Unlike our live plants and other Envirowalls, our moss walls require little to no maintenance, making them perfect for the height and width of this project.)

A multi-partner project, the refurbishment brought together clad reception counters, bespoke planters and upholstery, bespoke tea points, and of course, our mixed moss walls.

The Results

Working alongside experienced office fit-out and interior designers Overbury, Vantage Spaces designed a mixed moss wall to fit inside of EGGER Group’s perfect-sense cladding panels.

Over a series of days, the team installed the moss walls that spanned the entire width of the atrium via a cherry picker.

Our towering mixed moss wall was created using a mixture of reindeer and flat mosses in a bespoke pattern – a truly unique design for a distinguished investment firm.

Why use Vantage Spaces for your office biophilia?

Vantage Spaces believe that the simplest things can make a real difference. Connecting with nature through our biophilia and green walls can make your space a truly great place to do business — a great place for you, your staff, and your customers to thrive.

We aren’t just a supplier of biophilia and green walls. We work with our clients and their designers to plan, source, and provide the right plants for their space. We ensure they get the benefits of biophilia and our plants fit within the aesthetics and requirements of the project.

If you want to discuss your project requirements or simply enquire about our selection of plants, feel free to get in touch today!