Workplace Creations + Northeastern University – Mirroring the shimmering waterfront with our stunning biophilia

Located in the heart of iconic St. Katharine Docks, you’ll find the home of Northeastern University. Over the summer break, Vantage Spaces worked with Workplace Creations to install commercial replica plants in a design that worked for the students and reflected the beautiful surroundings of the waterfront university.

The Task

Northeastern University wanted a sensory immersion environment where local and international students could start their journey when they walked through the door. Northeastern University’s new campus needed to be a dynamic and collaborative learning space like no other.

Northeastern University wanted to reflect the surrounding waters, so Workplace Creations had to create a bold design for this forward-thinking campus. Vantage Spaces had the mission to create a biophilic design that aligned perfectly.

The Results

Reflecting on the waterfront was a primary goal of the overall design. Vantage Spaces worked with Workplace creations to hang replica plants off ceilings and windows to mimic the overgrown and dangling biophilia you find by the waterside. This was most visible against the beautiful shimmering feature you first see as you walk into the building.

Not wanting ongoing maintenance on a busy campus, Vantage Spaces worked with the designers to place replica potted plants and plant troughs across the campus. We also installed a PARA VERT between the quiet working area and the noise corridor for increased height and noise reduction.

With a focus on productive biophilia, our design was focused on turning the central collaborative areas into creative areas with natural zones and noise dispersal.

Commercial Replica Plants with Vantage Spaces

Vantage Spaces believe that the simplest things can make a real difference. Connecting with nature through flowers, plants and green walls can make your space a truly great place to collaborate, learn and thrive.

We aren’t just a supplier of plants. We work with our clients and their designers to plan, source, and provide the right plants for their space. We ensure they get the benefits of biophilia and our plants fit within the aesthetics and requirements of the project.

If you want to discuss your project requirements or simply enquire about our selection of plants, feel free to get in touch today!