“The Wow Factor”: A partner-led project with Vantage Spaces, Peldon Rose, Gerald Eve LLP and Furniture Forum

Back in January, Vantage Spaces joined a partner-led project with Peldon Rose, Gerald Eve LLP and Furniture Forum. The project involved the relocation of the businesses workplace from its established home in the St Paul’s area of London to Victoria.

Client: Private Equity Firm
Our Services: Freestanding plants, planter troughs, replica hanging plants, and biophilia consultation
Designer: Peldon Rose
Property consultant: Gerald Eve
Furniture: Furniture Forum  

The Task

The private equity client provided a high-end brief demonstrating the significant investment to achieving a discerning quality. The client wanted “forensic level detail” so they could be confident the final design would continue to provide their team with a first-class workplace experience.

One of the challenges of the projects was the acoustics in the building. Alongside the design adaptations made by the Furniture Forum that used furniture to create zones, Vantage Spaces provided a large variety of high-end biophilia to help reduce noise without taking away from the initial natural concept.

The Results

Plant troughs were used across the office to break the open space into zones to help disperse noise and create collaborative zones. To brighten up the corridor, we placed freestanding potted plants, and to utilise all areas, we hung replica plants for added aesthetics.

Commenting on the final project, the client exclaims that the office has “the wow factor”. One of the clients’ objectives was to give something back to their staff. On delivery, they believe that the result of this design has certainly achieved that. They explain that they’ve had “lots of compliments” from colleagues.

We loved being part of a partner-led project with Pelon Rose, Gerald Eve and Furniture Forum and are thrilled with the results.

Why use Vantage Spaces for your office biophilia?

Vantage Spaces believe that the simplest things can make a real difference. Connecting with nature through flowers, plants and green walls can make your workplace a truly great place. A great place where you and your customers can do business. A great place where your people can thrive.

We aren’t just a supplier of plants. We work with our clients to plan, source, and provide the right plants for their space. We ensure they get the benefits of biophilia and they fit within the aesthetics of the environment.

If you want to discuss your project requirements or simply enquire about our selection of plants, feel free to get in touch today!